The Lockwood Chronicles
Episode Five: Forsaking All Others

Lucian Davignon is out for revenge. His one true love, April, was murdered ruthlessly, and he is determined to hunt down her killer. But when he finally does, things don’t go quite as planned, and he ends upon the Lockwoods’ doorstep, mortally wounded and near death.

Alexander and Madeline take him in to help him heal and give him time to recover. But the vampire hunter he’d faced traces him to the Lockwood home. Now, Madeline faces the same danger that took April. Both men vow to protect her, but is Lucian’s concern more than that of a friend? What had really drawn him to London?

Alexander is suspicious from the start. What is going on between the two people he loves most in the world? And how far will it go?


Madeline was still on the stairs when James came into the living room from the foyer. “Who was that at the door?” she asked.

“Isaac Porter,” James said flatly.

Madeline froze. “How did he know to come here?” she wondered, annoyed at the fear she heard in her own voice.

“He traced me here,” Lucian said from behind her, a few steps up. Madeline felt her heart skip a beat and she turned to look at him.

“I believe he did,” James agreed. “I’m going to call Mr. Lockwood and inform him,” he said, and went into the kitchen.

Madeline tried to ignore the look in Lucian’s eyes. “What do we do now?” she asked.

Their eyes met. A spark passed between them and Madeline gasped. She stepped back unconsciously, thinking to put distance between them, forgetting that she was on the steps. She stumbled and lost her balance. Putting on a burst of speed, Lucian was there, and he caught her. He balanced her between his hard body and the railing. She looked up at him, still wrapped in his strong arms. “Thank you,” she said breathlessly.

“I couldn’t let you fall,” he told her.

She pushed gently against his chest. “You can let me go now,” she said, hoping he didn’t hear the regret in her voice.

“I’m not sure I can,” he admitted hoarsely.

“Lucian,” she implored. She heard the growl low in his throat, felt it rumble through his chest and into her body. Her heart leapt when she realized he was lowering his head, and she knew he was going to kiss her again. She flattened both hands on his chest and pushed, knowing it was futile. Like Alexander, he was stronger than she was and it was like pushing on a brick wall. “No,” she said urgently. “Let me go. Now.”

He stopped, his mouth inches from hers. “I’m not sure what is happening here,” he told her, his voice raspy with effort, “but we cannot allow it to go on.”

She shook her head, her arms beginning to tremble. “No,” she agreed, “we cannot.”

He released her but didn’t move, forcing her to step to the side to move away from him. He remained where he was, one hand supporting his own weight against the railing, as she fled. She hesitated at the door to the kitchen and looked back. He was still standing there, his shoulders hunched, and she could see how tense he was in the line of his back. Squashing her irrational impulse to go back to him, she went into the kitchen.

Lucian inhaled, taking in her lingering scent. Lilies. His body shuddered with the effort of remaining rooted to the spot, the strength it took not to chase after her. He closed his eyes and fought to bring his raging emotions and body under control. He hadn’t felt this sort of overwhelming desire, ever. It was consuming him. And he was feeling it for Madeline.

Alexander was going to kill him.

Forsaking All Others is the fifth episode in The Lockwood Chronicles series. It contains adult situations and some violence and is recommended for readers over 18 years of age.