The Lockwood Chronicles
Episode One: A Chance Meeting

When Madeline Connors stepped off the plane in London, she stepped into a whole new world—a dark and dangerous world that had only ever existed for her in books and movies. All it took was a moment’s distraction and she collided with Alexander Lockwood. One look into his crystal blue eyes and she was lost, in love before she even knew his name.

Alexander knew he should stay away from Madeline for her own good, but the passion in her emerald eyes and the call of her blood was too much for him. Even though he knew that falling in love with her would expose her to danger, he couldn’t stay away. He’d wanted to ease her into his world gently, to give her the choice, but a moment of brutal violence and Madeline’s life changed forever.


…Madeline could feel Alexander’s body tense against her as the kiss deepened, and then his lips left hers, trailing down to the line of her throat. Madeline let her head fall back, losing herself in the feel of his mouth on her skin, his hands on her body. She heard him groan, a sound of need and frustration, and a shiver coursed through her body, her knees going weak. If it weren’t for his embrace, she was certain she would’ve melted into a puddle at his feet. His breath feathered across the skin at her throat as he nibbled gently, and her arms came up, cradling him to her. Then there was a sudden, white hot whip of pain, followed instantly by an all consuming, searing pleasure that made her cry out.

Alexander lost himself in her, in the taste of her blood, in the feel of her slender body, pliant in his arms. She surrounded him, consumed him, and he knew that, as strong as he was, as powerful as he’d become, she would forever rule him, would forever be able to command him with barely a whisper. He nearly forgot what he was doing, how close he was to taking her where she would not want to go yet, when he felt danger’s approach. His every nerve jangled in warning and he pulled away from her, a growl rumbling low in his throat. “Madeline,” he whispered huskily, “look at me.” She did so without question, meeting his molten blue eyes. “Sleep,” he commanded, and her world fell away into darkness…..

A Chance Meeting is the first episode in The Lockwood Chronicles series. It contains adult situations and some violence and is recommended for readers over 18 years of age.