Kiss of the Dhampir

Kiss of the Dhampir was just utterly amazing. As always, I loved Katrina’s characters and the world she created in this novella. This story, as you can tell by it’s title, centers around vampires and dhampirs. Though this is nothing new, Katrina has put a very fascinating and unique twist to her characters. I recommend this to all of my paranormal romance reading friends. ”

– Loves All Things Books

There is a legend, and it says: A female dhampir will come, an accomplished vampire killer, a woman of incredible beauty, power and intelligence, who will find her destined mate among the vampires. He will be a man of magnetism, of sensuality and power, enough to match the dhampir, perhaps even stronger. He will be immune to her powers and she will be immune to his. And they will love each other, beyond all doubt, beyond all reason. One will die for the other and the survivor will go on, with all the powers of both, the most powerful being ever to walk the earth.

Marissa was raised by the Daybreak Society to slay vampires, and she excelled at it. She never met a vampire that she couldn’t defeat. Not one ever laid a hand on her, not one ever got a fang into her. She was secure in the knowledge that no vampire could hurt her, and that she was doing what was right. Then, on the night that was supposed to be her happiest, a horrific betrayal shattered her world. On the run from the people who raised her, she continued her calling—hunting and slaying the undead. But when she meets the vampire Gabriel, the attraction between them is immediate and irresistible. Can she ignore a lifetime of training, and everything she believes, to love a vampire?


“I know you’re there, vampire,” she said, lifting those glowing eyes to the rooftop where he was hiding. “Come to me,” she summoned.

Gabriel realized she was expecting him to fall under her power. He could feel the strong compulsion she’d fed into her voice, but it didn’t take hold of him….

“Vampire!” Marissa called angrily. She stared up at the edge of the building, astounded that the vampire had been able to resist her. Then he stepped over the edge and floated into the alley on an updraft. She caught her breath when he passed into the light from the street lamp. He was amazingly handsome, dark, sensual, his black eyes intense. He was every woman’s fantasy, every woman’s darkest desire, the monster that women wished was hiding in their closet. His powerful body seemed to be relaxed, but she could see the defensive posture, the way his broad shoulders were tensed, his strong arms loose at his sides. His long black hair was moving around his head and shoulders like something alive, and for one crazy moment she wondered what it would feel like to run its silk through her fingers, feel it brushing her skin. She shoved that thought away hastily, afraid to contemplate what it meant. As he landed gracefully on the wet pavement, he captured her sapphire gaze with his onyx eyes and she felt a jolt, a whip of electricity shooting through her body, leaving her breathless. He was simply too handsome, too sexy for her own good.

“I’m Gabriel,” he introduced, and bowed gracefully from the waist, very old world….

Her eyes narrowed and her lips thinned as she clenched her jaw… Determined, she lifted her arms to the sky, pulling more power into herself, feeling the pressure building within her body until her skin felt warm. Gabriel watched with interest as she prepared to kill him, still relaxed, still not worried. She turned those blue, burning eyes on him. “Come to me, Gabriel!” she commanded.

And he did.

With just a few steps he was standing inches from her, so close she could feel the power radiating from his body. She stared into his dark, fathomless eyes, drawn to the red fire in their depths. With a shock, she realized he was not under her thrall, that he’d come to her by his own choice. …Was this him? Was this the vampire in the legend that she was destined to meet? Without conscious thought, Marissa lifted a hand and touched him, running her fingers through his hair, across his cheek, tracing the line of his jaw. He snared her wrist, holding her hand against his face when she would have pulled away, and placed a kiss in her palm.

She shivered… What was happening to her? This was a vampire, standing directly in front of her, at the full mercy of her Kiss. So why wasn’t she doing anything? …Was he using his own powers on her? In the few seconds it took for this to race through her mind, she began to relinquish the energy she’d gathered, feeling it drain from her body, taking the burning heat from her as it went. “What are you doing to me?” she whispered.

He trailed the back of his hand across her cheek and her heart flipped. “I was wondering the same thing,” he admitted.

Kiss of the Dhampir is a stand-alone novella. It contains adult situations and some violence, so it is recommended for 18 years old and over.