It’s a dark and stormy night
Clouds hide the moon
Fog drifts across the ground
The air grows cold as a tomb

A chill runs down your spine
Your heart pounds, you gasp for breath
You hear a hollow footstep, then another
A hand grasps your arm, cold as death

For a moment you think “I can get away”
Then you see his red, glowing eyes
You fall into them, trapped in his power
And you realize you’ll believe all his lies

He pulls you to him, his body hard and strong
He strokes your hair, kisses your lips
He whispers words of love and promise
Your body tingles, and your resolve slips

His mouth brushes across your pulse
You hold your breath, anticipate
“Hurry, hurry!” your mind screams
Suddenly, you cannot wait

His hands stroke your body, your sensitive skin
Yet, something within you continues to resist
His lips follow where his hands blaze a path
All fight vanishes-“Now!” your senses insist

His breath is hot on your throat
His arms convulse, holding you tight
Pain courses through your body as his fangs pierce your skin
Instinct, for a moment, rouses you to fight

Ecstasy replaces pain
You relax in his arms
Your death is his life
Your blood drains away, no alarm

Darkness overcomes you
Your body seems to float, weightless
Your death comes as no surprise
Yet, you marvel, it was mostly painless

Slowly, you come back to the world
Though dark, you see like day
Your body feels energized, strong
You rise from the ground where you lay

He is gone now, his need appeased
Yet you will always feel him near
He’s a part of you now
But you no longer fear

Power flows through your veins
You gaze up at the full moon in the now clear sky
The world beckons the new you
You may be dead, but your future is nigh

Copyright ©2013 by Katrina LaFond